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Arrive and Leave Camp - LICE FREE

Going to Camp is one of the most exciting things your child will ever do!  However, when large groups of children get together, the risk of getting lice goes up.  Is there any way to keep your child from arriving and leaving WITHOUT LICE?

Almost all camps do initial head lice checks, however, lice and nits (eggs) can be sneaky and "invisible", very hard to see! Many camps have lice policies which require a parent to take their camper home for treatment if lice or nits are found. It is easy to make sure your child arrives without lice, and returns home without lice.

Is it easy?

Is it safe?

The answer is YES!

Is it hard to do?

Is it going to embarrass your child?

Is it expensive?

The answer is NO!

“MY grandchild loves SUMMER CAMP!”

When my grandson was finally old enough to go to camp, I was overjoyed. Having been the summer camp nurse for 30 years, I knew he would love it as much as I do and as much as his mom did. The friends, the fun, the activities and sports - he grew so much during his 3 week term. Summer Camp definitely rocks!

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